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IMG_1215Pam and Bruce made the process of buying a house a joy! They immediately understood our particular needs and desires, and their support went beyond the norm every step of the way. They worked hard, and were always incredibly responsive to our inquiries and concerns. Even when we got discouraged by the low inventory, they never lost faith that the right house would manifest. And then when we did find our dream house, Pam’s extraordinary negotiation skills ensured that we made an offer which was accepted over the fierce competition. And then Bruce’s creativity and eye for design gave us many inspiring ideas. Most important, we just really enjoyed being with both of them. It was rewarding AND FUN!

– Donna Zerner and David Frenette, Buyer

Bobbi ShadelMy wife and I have had a wonderful experience working with Pam. In our past dealings with realtors, we felt frustrated at times with the process of buying and selling our homes. Having Pam represent us was a night and day difference. She took care of everything from the smallest detail to the most important negotiation points with a positive attitude that left us worry free. She did comprehensive research and used her network of professional resources to ensure we were confident in our decisions. We always felt she was a strong advocate who had our best possible interests at heart. We truly feel she has become our friend, and we will always work with her in the future. – Bobbi Shadel and Chris Lytsell, Buyer/Seller

Jen HayesPam was an amazing realtor through a challenging moving process. She went above and beyond what I would ever expect in a realtor to help us with our move, including coming to our house and helping us to pack to get the house ready to show! She was a huge emotional support through my anxiety of making an offer on our dream home and needing to sell our own home incredibly fast. She answered all of my questions, was available for calls, texts and emails all of the time, and dealt with the insanity of a mom of two toddlers/babies trying to show a house, get in naps, and keep it all looking beautiful. I had the utmost faith and trust in Pam and she took such great care of our family. There are soooo many steps involved in buying and selling a home and Pam was able to help me to navigate through all of them, doing much of the work that I would have expected to do myself. Pam and her partner Bruce were truly the best! – Jennifer Hayes, Buyer/Seller

Kate Sanderson HollyWe were overwhelmed at first with the complicated process of buying our first home, but Pam and Bruce took care of everything, kept us informed, responded quickly to our requests to see houses, negotiated for us when we were ready to make an offer, and helped us with every step until the keys were in our hands. They were both great to work with, and we felt like we had advocates the whole way through. Pam has been great at responding to questions that have come up even after the closing process. They made us feel like we were a team, working toward a great home buying experience. – Kate Sanderson, Buyer

Terri CutzThanks Pam for helping me get into the perfect house! With her friendly, calm, clear and decisive demeanor I was able to navigate through the tough decisions house buying presents. I never hesitate to ask any questions, even to this day, she always responds promptly and willingly with the answers. – Terri Cutz, Buyer

Pam is the most amazing realtor. From the beginning, she absolutely had the whole situation “nailed.” It was such a comfort to know that it was in Pam’s most capable hands every step of the way. – Steve and Patty Powell, Sellers

As we live in Oklahoma City, Pam had to get all the estimates for repairs and see that the work was completed which was
 a job in itself. We were very happy with Pam Blair.– Clyde and Ramona Anderson, Sellers

Pam is energetic, alert, malleable as regards to adapting to changes. Knows her stuff. – Richard and Phoebe Van Kooy, Buyers

As experienced buyers and sellers of residential real estate in several market areas we understand the value of a professional Realtor. In our recent relocation to Portland, OR we found ourselves looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor to assist us in finding the right property to be our new home. Pam Blair more than met our expectations.

From our first meeting, Pam was thoroughly prepared. She had studied our market considerations and was well versed in our requirements, the potential properties that were on the market meeting our criteria and the prevailing market situation. As we moved along in our search, she instinctively reevaluated the properties to be viewed, reflecting intuitively our developing assessment of the availabilities on the market. But after an extensive search, we had not found anything that suited us, Pam, on her own initiative, developed a lead on a property that was not yet on the market. It turned out to be a perfect fit. Through out the negotiation and purchase process Pam guided us, taking the lead in moving the deal forward and thoroughly managing the purchase and the closing.

Pam’s professionalism and thoroughness are unmatched in our real estate market experience. Now joined by her husband Bruce in Yogabug Realty, Pam Blair makes it the first choice for knowledgeable buyers and sellers among Realtors in Portland OR. – Saunders A. Jones, Buyer

Pam is an outstanding broker and an absolutely fabulous person. As an associate – hardworking, diligent and with 
great attention to detail. As a person – she has rare insight into people’s needs and styles and great instincts for the “right fit.” I would recommend her enthusiastically to anyone. – Randi Douglas and Michael Coe, Seller/Buyer

Joanna RobertsAlthough I met Pam in the yoga studio, she used a real estate analogy to introduce herself! I should have known then, that this was a woman that was deeply embedded in her work. We practiced together for years, often assuming our favorite spots in our studio. One day, Pam crawled from her mat over to mine and said, “I feel like we live in the apartments next to each other, but never talk. I’m Pam!” From then on, a deep friendship was born. So, when my husband and I began a search for our first house, no one else even entered my mind when considering realtors. At first, I thought we gravitated toward her simply because she was my friend. But then, I realized that it was so much more. After class, she would dive into the changing room like Superwoman, changing from her drenched yoga clothes that wore the sweaty badge of her hard work. And like a flash, she would emerge as fresh a daisy, ready to meet clients, and change their lives.

I always say, “To know Pam on the mat, is to know her off the mat.” Then, I am usually reminded of the fact that not everyone practices yoga as an outlet and a tool for physical and mental growth, so I must elaborate. Saying that she is hard working is truly an understatement. I honestly thought that she was a glutton for punishment, seeing emails from her sent at all hours and often hearing of her crazy schedules. But as I grew to know Pam more and more, I realized, that she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her work, just like her yoga, courses through her veins.

Pam is flexible in her work, just like her yoga. She is always crafting her schedule around the needs and constraints of her clients. He listens to their needs, they way she must listen to her body and honor her own self in yoga class. She is selfless, often giving of her own needs and desires to meet the needs of others. I know, that although Pam makes great sacrifices in her own life to do the work that she does, she wouldn’t have it any other way. The greatest way for Pam to honor herself “on the mat” and out in the world, is to be her very best self. That is what gratifies her. To do any less, just isn’t in her vocabulary. Pam’s work and her yoga invigorate her, and bring her joy.

I don’t know many realtors, but I would think that working with Pam boasts a more personal experience because of her willingness to be flexible, selfless, and extract joy from working so hard to make others’ dreams come true. Pam inspires me for so many reasons. To find someone in this world that is doing exactly what they are meant to be doing loving it, is truly a rarity. For that, and for so much more, I love Pam Blair. – Joanna Roberts, Buyer

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